Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Liberals Hate Women

There is one more lesson to be learned from Weinergate. Its a lesson we saw on full display when Bill Clinton got caught with an intern under his desk in the Oval Office and lied about it until he could not weasel anymore.

Amanda Marcotte in the initial days of Weinergate showed that she is a liberal first, feminist second. How did she manage this? She tried to portray Anthony Weiner as the victim of a Twitter predator, the Comely Coed of Bellingham, WA. At yesterday's news conference, Weiner threw Marcotte and her defense of him under the bus.

In the closing days of his self-inflicted farce, Weiner had two more defenders rise to offer their shields of credibility in his service. Barbara Walters and Chris Matthews tried to lay the fault of Weiner tweeting dic-pics and pec-pics at the feet of his wife Huma. That she had not paid enough attention to him so the 46 year old man sought other ports. And yesterday they were also rudely shoved under the bus as Weiner surrendered to reality.

A larger truth can also be drawn from this fiasco. In defending the holy screed called Liberalism, true believers will turn on anyone or anything who dares threatens one of the anointed. Even if that means abandoning other 'beliefs' that they had professed. Or attacking fellow-traveller Liberals. One is forced to conclude that Liberalism is a cult that brooks no deviation.


Ed Rasimus said...

Provides an excellent opportunity to test my thesis that America has become too stupid for democracy. Will the voters of NYC re-elect some who freely admits:

1.) They are stupid
2.) They lack judgment
3.) They lie aggressively with pre-meditation, scripting and righteous indignation.

My bet is I am confirmed in my assumptions. Unless of course Pelosi tells him to get off the bus.

Anna said...

Its Democrats and New York City, you are probably right.

Though there might be a more amusing way to get rid of Weiner. And Pelosi would not have to sully her plastic hands. New York lost seats in last census, so they have to redraw the districs. Gerrymander Weiner's district so it is merged with another. Make him run against another Democrat who is NOT a sexual predator and laughing stock.

Legion said...

Well NY wants to catch up with Chicago. Can't believe Rahm "Dead Fish" is the mayor there. A tale of two lost cities. Nay, most of the big cities in our country. Libtard demonrats have destroyed us.

Anna said...

Legios, not destroyed yet. We can still recover if we work hard enough and concentrate.