Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mouth Agape

Watch the below video and be truly shocked.

These two dumb bunnies stole from a 9 year old Girl Scout all the money that girl had worked hard to raise by selling cookies. Their reason? They needed money even though they have a car and other luxuries. They wanted to blow the money for things like jewelry, more luxury items.

Just listen to them. They have already been charged in other crimes. But that did not deter them. They feel no remorse for the hardship they are inflicting upon that young girl, in fact they claim they need the money more than the girl who worked for it. They only feel remorse on being caught and having to pay for their crimes.

I am at a loss for words to describe my feelings. I really want these two greedy self-centered stupid girls punished hard. Perhaps 90 days in prison stripes picking trash off side of road. The car sold to reimburse all the victims these two perps stole from. All their other property donated to Goodwill or a homeless shelter. Let them truly understand what it means to be poor. And finally 1 year probation with a monitor bracelet.


AndyJ said...

Welcome to America. The education system has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams to almost completely dumb down this country's children. They have taught these kids that there is no right or wrong and the only thing that counts are YOUR desires and self-esteem. And no, I think that a good paddling with a yard stick or wooden paddle at a special session of their classmates (maybe in the football stadium) with all students REQUIRED to attend would be a more lasting punishment. Good thing that we don't have Sharia law here (Yet), hard to be cool when you only have one hand.

Six said...

I wish I could say I was shocked and surprised by this but I'm not. I spent 24 years dealing with people just like those 2 girls and I can say, with great sadness, that there are a lot more where they came from. The anger never leaves me though. I still get pissed at such behavior. I take a certain perverse satisfaction in the knowledge that they'll both be haggard Meth addicts in a few years.

Anna said...

AndyJ, I guess this is what happens when fragile self-esteem is put ahead of ensuring you raise citizens of good character. Me me me me and oh yeah me.

Six, they are on the road to destruction. And that depresses me to think being meth heads is their future. But if they have no scruples about stealing from a Girl Scout for bling, their grandparents better fear them when they need a meth fix.

Legion said...

And yet more proof we need to continue the fight the liberal mindset.

Anna said...

To fight the mindset to says being selfish is okay. Too much concern for self-esteem and not enough concern for the content of their character.