Monday, May 02, 2011

Monday QB

Predictably; Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and CAIR are condemning the US arranging Osama bin Laden to meet with his Maker. Not a real shocker. To borrow and paraphrase Die Hard, "Welcome to the party Mr. President."

Celebrations, are they decent? Are they respectful? After this compare&contrast, you decide.

As the Twin Towers fell and the Pentagon burned, people in Gaza came out and celebrated the mass-murder of innocent people.
As for last night in NYC and Washington DC, what we saw was human beings celebrating the death of a mass murderer.

I think the difference is very clear. How about you?

Now the burying of Osama at sea? There are many who will refuse to believe he is dead because of how fast his body was chucked. At least with Uday people got to see he was really dead. As for the followers of Osama bin Laden, the lack of a body wont stop them from memorializing him. They still have the compound to turn into the AQ version of Graceland.

For those this morning who think this will make Barrack Obama a shoe-in for re-election next year. Think again, November 2012 is 18 months away. Much can happen. The economy can still be in the loo with 10% unemployment and $6/gal gasoline. After Desert Storm it seemed George HW Bush would get re-elected also. Instead the economy faltered and William Jefferson Clinton was elected. It's the economy stupid.

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