Monday, May 02, 2011

Bravo Zulu!

I got in late last night from being with friends, so I missed the most excellent news that Osama bin Laden has achieved room temperature. That he is pushing up daisies and is really pining for the fjords, not merely resting. But the news certainly makes a better way to start Monday than anything else except winning a lottery or finding some awesome god or goddess in the bed.

Apparently the CIA and a SEAL team killed Osama, one of his many sons, and two couriers during the 40 minute battle deep in the heart of Pakistan, in fact in a suburb of Islamabad the capital. No Americans were injured though one helicopter had to be destroyed. After DNA testing, they are positive the remains are those of Osama bin Laden.

This day has been more than ten years in coming, but justice has been finally served on a most well-deserving scum-bucket in need of retribution. And it is also a warning to all who desire to harm innocents for their pet cause, there is no statute of limitation on hunting you down for your evil deeds. Apparently the initial intel was developed back in 2007 from Camp X-Ray interrogations, followed by lots of tedious hazardous work that identified the compound, which caused more intel gathering, until April 28th when President Obama gave the green-light for the mission.

To the men and women who made this all happen, Bravo Zulu. I seriously doubt you will ever need to buy a pint ever again.


Legion said...

Well WE were all in the chat room when it happened- good timing for us- it was a blast! Great to be a part of it. So you have other friends beside us???? LOL

Anna said...

I bet it was wild to be doing it almost real time.

Yep I got other friends. :) Playing a game of Pathfinder RPG. One of two female characters in the game. And right now the only surviving cleric. Oi