Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

Well we are in the home stretch of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Watching it on Fox News as Kate and her father motor to the Abbey. Just a few observations.

William and Harry both look very dashing in their uniforms. William in the scarlet of the Irish Guard and Harry in the colours of the Household Calvary. Harry was bit slow off the mark when entering the Abbey to doff his headgear, but then everyone saw his unruly ginger hair so he had cause.

A majority of the women attending were following the rules and had hats on their head. Posh Spice's hat was more of a circular blue radio antenna. Some of the Royals embraced art deco design. Luckily Queen Elizabeth II arrived attired in pale yellow with a very simple hat of matching colour.

As for Kate. Simply smashing in her white gown, veil, and tiara. Was amusing to watch her father carefully gather up the train of her dress as they settled into the car. Now they are entering the Abbey.

May they find true happiness is all I have to say.


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I needed some happy vibes with all the doom&gloom running about. So I watched.