Thursday, April 28, 2011

Forgetting Veterans

Actions like this leave me gobsmacked. Stunned and speechless also pop to mind as proper adjectives. Something rotten is afoot methinks. Lots of attention needs to be applied to this school board for their excuse holds not a drop of water or believability.

What am I irate about that causes to pen the above? The school board for Norwalk, CT is dropping from their school calendar November 11th as a recognized holiday. You heard me right, they want to cut out Veterans Day to get more school time in but they promise to spend some of the time teaching about Veterans Day. Right. The feedback needs to be monumental to correct the errant ways of this school board. So lets go for broke and tell them how we feel on this matter.


Legion said...

Commie Connecticut- whatta ya expect. Can't wait to move outta here. Ahhh keep them in school and send Vets in to talk to them. We get off from work (those of us with jobs that is which doesn't include me) and don't have hordes of brats in our way at the stores, malls, movie theaters. More room for me on sidewalk at parades.

Anna said...

Wow Legios, what a crumudgeon you are! :) Darn young whipper-snappers!! LOL