Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remember Egypt?

While the media focuses on neighboring Libya and the unrest there, the unrest in Egypt is still happening. The struggle for a free Egypt continues even as the global eye is turned elsewhere. The future for the soul of an ancient and proud country is still in the balance. Tahrir Square is still the flash point for all this drama as this Saturday showed.

Thousands of demonstrators barricaded themselves in Cairo's central square with burned-out troop carriers and barbed wire Saturday and demanded the removal of the military council ruling Egypt, infuriated after soldiers stormed their protest camp overnight, killing at least one person and injuring 71 others.

What is buried below the above lead paragraph is what needs to be known. It seems the freedom lovers are still protesting, but two of their allies have switched sides in this struggle. El Baradei and the Muslim Brotherhood are standing with Defense Minister Tantawi, an ally of the now deposed Hosni Mubarak, who now rules Egypt.

Now what prompted this latest crackdown in Tahrir Square? The peoples' defender and bulwark against anarchy, the Army seems to be crumbling. Twenty-five officers of the Egyptian Army seem to have joined the protesters in Tahrir Square and denounced the current military government. Tantawi's government is putting forward a different picture, the use of the term 'thugs' reminds me of similar rantings that came out of Libya in regards to its protesters.

Egypt's struggle still continues. The nightmare did not end when Mubarak stepped down. In fact the whole country just might be waking up to an even worse nightmare. Perhaps it is time for the international community to again intervene, like they did when ousting Mubarak and tell all sides there are certain that need to be encouraged and protected if a post-Mubarak Egypt wants to be part of the modern world.


AndyJ said...

I'm afraid that the Middle East "Freedom Lovers" are going to wake up one day and find out that their bid for freedom has been orchestrated by a group who is much much worse than the disposed dictator. I see radical Islam and strict Sharia law their new dictator, and adios any thought of freedom

Atlanta Roofing said...

The protesters faced mounting criticism from other groups that took part in the revolt that toppled Mubarak. However Since Mubarak quit, protesters have held regular Friday demonstrations, the most recent one tens of thousands strong, demanding that he and other former regime officials face trial.

Anna said...

AndyJ that is what is happening right now. Those truly yearning for freedom are being oppressed by the usual thugs and monsters. Hence why I blogged on it.

AR, I have noticed that. The groups have splintered because they have no unifying or overarching objective. The military, El baradei, and the Muslim Brotherhood do have a plan - control Egypt.