Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strike Eagle Update

Here is raw footage of the crashed F-15E Strike Eagle. It appears the plane came straight down due to how intact the airframe is. The center fuselage and inner wing areas have been consumed by fire it seems, this is also where the jet fuel is stored. It also appears the forward fuselage has also been destroyed, about the only identifiable area is the cockpit coaming where the HUD is found. At about time 15 second in the video on the left side one man in a green shirt steps over a seeker head for an AIM-9 Sidewinder. Later at 20 second mark, we are clearly shown an AIM-120C AMRAAM.

As for the crew, both are just slightly banged up. One came down in a sheep pen, rescued by locals, given some fruit juice and water, and then turned over to Coalition forces. The other pilot was rescued by US forces. Both are now back in US hands and being checked over.

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