Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Secure the Border

This news story is simply incredible. Incredible stupidity on the coyotes part for not even trying to match the paint on the stolen US government vehicle license when trying to change a 0 to look like an 8. Incredible guts to dress up 13 illegal immigrants in US Marine Corps marpat digicam. And incredible luck they were caught by US Customs agents before any real Marines found these posers. Greater luck for the United States that these spies were caught.


Legion said...

Very dumb- why deface the plate at all? Just draw attention to yourself dummies- good. All the uniforms said Perez? Unlucky name for the month. But for the dumb caught ones- 1000's get through. Liberals are killing us.

Anna said...

They are working on it. Untill they are the ones dragged to the wall, then it becomes important. And too late.