Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shoot Down #1?

Well the first aircraft to fall in Libya has hit the Internet.


At a guess it looks like a MiG-23. And no chute observed which means the pilot did not get out.


Legion said...

WOW GREAT!!! I got a woodie watching it. Hear the folks in the backgroung yelling yaaaaayyyyy!? Cool.

Anna said...

Yeah I did hear them. They probably then shot their AK47s into the air and sent some comrades to the hospital when the bullets came down. Beats blowing up tanks, more sexy. And I wonder who got the aerial kill? Hhhmm, be interesting if it was a Typhoon.

Anna said...

The rebels themselves show the plane down.


Anonymous said...

The pilot clearly did not know how to deploy the ejection seat. Admittedly the photos showed a near vertical crash from low height. I suspect the old Russian ejector package simply did not work, though. Pat

Ed Rasimus said...

Appears to be a MiG-23 variant. Rebels claimed the shootdown as it was prior to first strikes by coalition forces. Initial reports said a LAF aircraft. Some reports this AM said it was a captured aircraft flown by the rebel forces. Also a report this morning in the Dallas Fishwrapper that the pilot ejected but died of injuries. Doesn't look like it from the viddie.

Anna said...

Pat and Ed, so at this time call it the fog of war. Declare we don't know. But with people yelling, seems the bad guys lost one.

Don't understand where they get pilot ejected, unless at time 0.5 seconds before impact he found the grab handles. Still would be a crispy critter.