Saturday, March 19, 2011

Operation Odyssey Dawn

Where to begin? Right humor. On top of French warplanes shooting down tanks in Libya.

HAL 9000, "Barry I have the utmost confidence in this mission."
HAL, "Want to play Global Thermonuclear War Barry?"
HAL, "Look Barry, I can see you are really stressed at how the polls are going. Go take a smoke and work on your brackets."
HAL, "I'm sorry Barry, I can't allow you to interfere with the mission. And take Biden with you to the airlock."


LEGION said...

Obummer then says, "Why not throw Dave out of the airlock instead of us". And the computer in a Cheech and Chong routine voice says, "Dave?, Dave's not here- so our you two go!"

Anna said...


HAL, "Barry, sorry about your bracket losses. May I say how predictable your selections are."

Barry, "Someone turn this computer off! No one disses me except Michelle!"