Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Obama Doctrine

I think I have finally deduced the core of the Barrack Hussein Obama Jr doctrine in regards to being president. Let me know what you think.

President Obama's philosophy - "I'm not like other Presidents. Decisions scare me!"

And Porky Pig sez "Tha tha that's all folks!"


Legion said...

He is Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Or like The Whos' Tommy's wicked Uncle Ernie- fiddling about, fiddling about.
Glad to hear even the brazilians are booing him on his visit- another crisis another vacation.

Anna said...

Well Obama is finding out when he travels, because of the global leftist drumbeat how evil America is. He gets tarred with the same paintbrush. Welcome to reality Mr. Present.

Mike's America said...

Obama's doctrine is the abdication of American leadership. His earlier worldwide apology tours were just the first sign that he intends to follow, not lead.

And while that vacuum is currently being filled by the French, I worry that some day it might be filled by the Chinese. Think Tinamen Square on the world stage.

Anna said...

I agree Mike. Watching Daffy Duck and his quip about pain hurting him, the Obama Doctrine snapped into place.