Thursday, March 24, 2011

All Mighty Isis

Since Hollywood is on a big comic book kick as of late. With X-Men, IronMan, redo of Batman[again], imminent arrival of Thor, Green Latern[gag that CGI costume], and Captain America on the big screen. And Wonder Woman set to return to TV, hey wait a minute put Diana on the big screen you jerks! I have decided to campaign for one of the lesser known super heros that once graced that wasteland called Saturday morning television - Isis. How about it Hollywood, bring back Isis!

Yesterday Mut posted an obituary of Elizabeth Taylor and her centerpiece movie Cleopatra. Guess this is what allowed me to ferret out most agile the Secret of Isis. And on IMDB there was message board chatter about an Isis movie, but it quickly devovled into ancient Egyptians are black trope. *sigh* Anyone who has actually looked at the painted walls and know the stories of Egypt know such a sweeping generalization is truly simple-minded. Like the 4,000 year old tomb of Ka-Hay or the tenous linkage between Saharan culture and Eyptian culture that I have blogged on. Cultural cross-pollination in that area throughout history is rampant because it's a nexus of migrations.


Mutnodjmet said...

Anna: If you are interested, please check out this very vintage piece I wrote on the Race of the Ancient Egyptians -- back in my beta-site way before my Tea Party days. It actually features science and history -- instead of racialist pap.


Anna said...

Thanks Mut. I am in agreement. To categorically state Egyptians were of only 'x' race is poisonous and rests on noting but selectively picked bits of data while ignoring everything that contradicts. As people who truly practice the scientific method such an approach is anathema. It's a political approach to demean, denigrate, and destroy great accomplishments for a partisan and transitory end. They are charlatans, snake oil salesment, false leaders who should be run out into the desert to commune with their lord and master Set. Or fed to Sekhmet.