Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Discoveries in the Sand

Did I get your attention? Are you thinking one of the Task Forces hunting AQ-Iraq stumbled across a cache of bombs labeled Sarin in Arabic? Well hate to dissapoint you, but I am going to talk about another buried treasure.

Archeologists in Egypt have found more tombs from Pharoahic times. One in Saqqara is of a priest Ka-Hay and his wife, the tomb dates back almost 4,000 years and was found near the stepped pyramid of King Djoser. And from 3,350 years ago in the same area they uncovered another tomb of a butler with still vibrant paintings.

Saqqara has been a known burial ground for as long as people have been buried there. Western/European interest in Saqqara stems from the early 1800s and has never ceased. Yet discoveries as the two above finds keep happening.

A final question. If, after almost 200 years poking around Saqqara, tombs are still being found; there is an expectation that all of Saddam's nasty toys, buried in the sand, have been found in the past four years? Makes one wonder doesn't it?

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