Thursday, February 17, 2011

On Wisconsin

Well in case you have been living under a rock like that GEICO commercial, here is some stuff about the courage of Wisconsin Democrats when faced with a hard choice.

  1. Only they could throw a whole state's welfare under the bus as they run away.
  2. Who is doing their strategic thinking? Sir Robin?
  3. Instead of fleeing to a Holiday Inn Express, they hole up across the state line at a Best Western in Rockford, IL.
  4. Bounty Hunters should be dispatched to bring them back to Madison, either Dog or Boba Fett I vote for. Disintergration though would be a bad idea.
  5. To prevent future stampedes of the Democrats, they need Lo-Jack installed. Or bright orange radio collars. Maybe keep it cheap, photos on milk cartons. Or if they keep escaping, shock collars with the shock wire laid around the Legislature.
  6. And it seems our President has the Democrats' back. Now if he was smart enough to pick a tie he would not involve himself. But we know he can't even pick a tie.
  7. Only Demcorat voting state employees would think showing for a protest qualifies for calling in sick. I agree, its sick.
  8. Before I forget, the teachers calling in sick will have to present a note from their doctors. A word of advice to the teachers, dont try to lie. Knowingly making false statements. Teachers, meet Charybis. Scylla enjoy.
  9. As for all the parents who are now paying for extra daycare or having to stay home while the schools are shut down. Just think, the teachers are doing it for your children's sake, not to keep all their perks and pay. Such consideration.
  10. And in other news, Democrats and union workers continue to wear Joo Janta 2000 Peril Sensitive Sunglasses.


Anonymous said...

(Ed) In case you've been living under a rock like a dude in a GEICO commercial, here's the Cliff Notes' version Wisconsin Democrats' latest Sell-Out.
1. Only the Dem's could throw Wisconsin's welfare under the bus as an escape plan.
2. WI Dem Chairman of Strategy and Bananas = Sir Robin.
3. When asked about their cowardice next election, they won't have the luxury of answering, "I bilked the state for billions, but I stayed at Holiday Inn."
4. Bounty Hunters should be dispatched to bring them back to Madison, either Dog or Boba Fett. Disintergration, though, would be a bad idea.
5. To prevent future Dem AWOL, I suggest Lo-Jack. Or bright orange radio collars and milk cartons ads, or, if they abscond regularly, shock collars that incinerate previously passed legislation.

Anna said...

Ok, what does your version of #5 mean? Incinerate?

Anonymous said...

+1 Internets for the Douglas Adams reference!

AndyJ said...

I think that the governor should give the unions a choice, since the state only has so much money, YOU pick the people in your organization to fire so that YOU can keep your benefits. When that happens, the young workers, who will be fired first, will see what union unity really means. Actually, since there are more younger workers than older ones, maybe the young workers will vote to fire the older ones.

Ed Rasimus said...

Unions came from a need to present an organized counter to oppressive ownership. The profit motive drove late 19th and early 20th century industries to pay low wages, offer unsafe working conditions, etc. "The Jungle" of the stockyards in Chicago.

Government is the representative of the people and doesn't make a profit (obviously!) therefore no reason to oppress public employees.

QED: public employees unions are an oxymoron!

Corollary: Unions are a means of extorting money from free-market labor to then support corrupt pandering politicians.

Corollary: Free market labor means if you don't like the compensation, you take your qualifications elsewhere.

And, the "new Gipper" doesn't recall PATCO!

Anna said...

AndyJ, good point. Let the government unions try to conduct their card check votes on who stays hired. Make Survivor look tame.

Ed, yes absolutely. Government unions are an oxymoron. Unions who can extort aribitrary wages out of public bodies who do not have to make a profit but instead can levy taxes is a recipe for disaster. One had just to look to France and other socialist countries, even before PATCO, to see what happens when public workers can hold hostage the public they serve.

Obama and his pro-union cohorts do not want to think of PATCO. They probably think that event is an aberration. Strangely the public sector employees have become the last bastion of unionism as private sector union membership has shrunk under 12% of the workforce. Obama and his friends have to support the government unions because they are the only viable union game in town to support the Democrats. Public sector unions need to go, as Madison and NYC snow fiasco show their danger.

Spike said...

You know, in the real world the penalty for not showing up for work is not having a job to go back to. It would be nice if the governor just declared those empty democrat seats vacant, elections to be held for replacements in 2 months. Previous seat holders not eligible for rehire.


Anna said...

Well Katia with all this documentation on how doctors are forging excuse slips for the teachers, knowingly making false statements while being absent from work without a valid reason = termination. Plus some doctors in medical hot water.

Wait a minute, who are the children here? Teachers getting forged sick slips? Bueller?