Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lies, Budget, and Obama

Sometimes you just have admire the gall of this administration is how bald face they lie. Case in point is the Obama proposed 2012 budget and the forecast for the following years. It has come to light, that Obama's budget fails to factor in debt interest payments into their numbers.

Naturally this makes the Obama budget look better than it is. Now if you were WorldCom or Enron, SEC and IRS would be hauling the CEO, CFO, COO, plus others to court and then to jail. Crime? Cooking the books to make the company's financial standing look better. Or if you were a person with a house, two BMWs in the garage, and a pool plus ten credit cards. It would be like paying for the house, the cars, utilities, and ignoring what is due on the ten credit cards. Pretty soon your creditors will be in court taking everything you own for repayment.

The Obama administration is betting the United States is too big to be repossessed or denied credit. I wonder if the Peoples Republic of China has gotten that memo? I seriously doubt even those comrades will keep selling Obama the rope he keeps using since he is buying it on credit. Eventually they stop selling on credit because its no longer remotely profitable and then what? A house of cards collapses, sic transit the US into debt peonage to Beijing.

So what to do? Contact all your governors and elected people in Congress to stress this spending spree has to be curtailed. In fact the massive increases in all non-defense spending that came out of the failed stimulus needs to be zero'd out of future budgets. Cuts in spending results in less accumulated debt because the gap between revenue and outlay narrows, which means the existing debt can be paid down faster. What Obama is doing is what he does best, vote present and kick the disaster down the road for someone else to fix. He is the quintessential moocher and looter Ayn Rand talked about. His and the Democrats' failed spending policies need to be stopped before the United States goes into receivership. To borrow from the progressives, do it for the children so they won't be saddled with billions in debt before they are even born.

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