Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kings of the North

Elizabeth Moon's newest installment of her Paksenarrion universe will come out on March 22d, 2011. Kings of the North picks up from the end of Oath of Fealty, we see three kings caught in transition and uncertainty. Tsaia is still restive after all the Verrakai treachery. Lyonya is also unsettled as the divisions between humans and elves continues to bubble while other troubles encroach. And finally, there is the kingdom of Pargun which both Tsaia and Lyonya have had problems with in the past. How is the paladin Paksenarrion going to help in these troubled times as three new rulers and one veteran ruler all deal with unrest in their lands.

The book can be pre-ordered from Amazon for $14.26 for the hardcover or $12.83 for the Kindle edition.

For a peek inside the Pargunese court there is this story by Elizabeth Moon that is a stand alone but ties in with Oath of Fealty and the original Deed of Paksenarrion. For a peek under the hood to see the creative engine musing, Moon has her own blog called Paksworld.

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