Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Addicted States of America

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times is how a certain story by Dickens goes. Those words certainly do seem to apply to these trying economic and political times, as people struggle to stay afloat and large swathes of the world seem to be aflame.

Against this backdrop, another of Dicken's characters seems to have multiplied. As Fagin and his cronies continue to spend the money they have looted from honest people, the foot soldier of that looting Oliver Twist has apparently multiplied. As President Obama tries to gloss over glaring deficit numbers, Harry Reid lows like a gelded bull that nothing can be cut from the budget, and John Boehner carefully sharpens his tax-cutting knife on the whetstone; here comes many Oliver Twists to plead. It seems many state governors who have grown addicted to the bowls of tax porridge that Federal Fagin has ladeled out these past years. They fear Boehner will stop feeding them this special porridge, so in their best voice they have gone abegging to Washington DC to not cut off the funding that has kept these states almost solvent.

These governors have begged for the unlimited slurry of porridge to keep pumping. Even though their states have become bloated and moribund on it. Though the workhouse itself is teetering on insolvency. On porridge that has been boosted from the average taxpayer, the voting citizens of these several soverign states. I would think some tough love is in order and these states should be forcibly told to cut back. Or be honest with each state's own citizens on this shell game being played; instead of the state government raising taxes and angering the voters, the states go pleading to the federal government for these funds, so the federal government raises taxes to meet these demands, and these governors then can say they never raised taxes while blaming the government in Washington DC for the higher taxes.

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