Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Baltimore Bomb Plot

A man tried to detonate a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device outside a military recruiting center in Cantonsville, MD.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Baltimore said the man attempted to detonate what he believed to be a vehicle bomb this morning at the Armed Forces Career center in the 5400 block of Baltimore National Pike.

"There was no danger to the public as the explosives were inert, and the suspect had been carefully monitored by law enforcement for months," the office said in a statement.

WBAL-TV, citing a source, said the man was a U.S. national of Nicaraguan descent and had recently converted to Islam. He was seeking to harm military personnel. The Associated Press first reported the arrest.


AndyJ said...

Does it seem strange to anyone that for all of these would be bombers, the FBI provided the "bomb"? Seems to me, that without the FBI, all of these threats would be just a bunch of bragging.

Anna said...

Martinez was reported for pro-jihad postings on Facebook. that is when the FBI got inside his decision loop and apparently gave him enough rope to hang himself.

There are several good things about this and the Portland sting. It makes the lone nuts very skittish of talking to anyone online for fear of the other person being an informant. Sow distrust and it makes it harder for them to organise, even after face to face meetings.

It still does not address the problem of the terrorists whith more professional training who know how badly compromised things are and only use couriers.

Downside is, is the FBI spending too much time with the small fish while the bigger fish plot.