Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Political Parable

Obama says the nation is a car in the ditch. I beg to differ. Instead this nation is a bus full of citizens with relief drivers up front that the citizens select. Since 2008 those drivers have been Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Now that they have managed to get the bus firmly stuck in the ditch and off the road, a tow truck has been called out by the citizens as the drivers scratch their heads. The Tea Party Republican tow service has arrived and gets to work attaching cables to try and pull the bus out of the ditch. So now the senior driver, Obama, has come out to tell the tow service how to do their job. While all this is going on, the citizens are looking at the windows without AC and they are three hours late. And they are watching their driver, the one who got them into the mess trying to give instructions on how to rescue the bus. He can keep trying to dictate and gum up the works, but his passengers, as they swelter, will not endure it forever since they have called a tow service.

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