Monday, November 01, 2010

D Minus One

Here it is people, this is the last day to rally the troops for tomorrow. There are 435 battles spread across this land for a seat in the House of Representatives. Just as there is 33 battles for Senate seats. Plus many governorships are up for grabs plus more local initiatives.

Tomorrow marks the start of the great crusade to restore this country. To restore pride in a country that will spill its most precious resource, its citizens, to liberate others from the slavery of oppression. To return this country to where fair deals are the norm instead of an aberration. Where anyone, can by sheer hard work, can become the next JP Morgan or Bill Gates. To lead this country back into being that shining beacon of hope the rest of the world turns to and yearns to emulate.

None of this will happen if those we elect to Washington D.C. fall into the habits that make the term Congressman a curse word. Remind all these who are elected from local to national office that they work for us, We the People. And tell them that we are watching. If they start doing the 'pay to play' shenanigans then they shall suffer our wrath when we vote them out again. This is our country, not their personal plaything. Such notions belong to kings and princes, in America we have no need for kings or princes.


Rose said...

Amen. They do NOT work for the party. They work for the people and for the betterment and the protection of and the prosperity of the nation and of future generations.

Anna said...

They have gone from "Promote the general welfare" to "manage the general welfare for our benefit."

Six said...

Absolutely Anna. The election is only half the battle. The other half also rests with us and requires our eternal vigilance.

Anna said...

Exactly Six, we the People took our eye off the ball. So we ended up with clowns like Pelosi, Frank, Reid, and Obama. Not on my watch.