Monday, November 29, 2010

More from Portland

Reading about the reactions from Mohamud's friends points to a possible reason. He seemed well adjusted to being an American. Been here since the age of 5. Played basketball. Went to games. Polite. In other words average. But then his parents divorced. So I have to wonder, pop psychology for five cents, if Mohamud could not accept the reasons for the divorce and found an outlet for his anger? We shall see.

Though there has been a silver lining to this mess. While Mohamud described Oregon in FBI affidavits as a place no one would expect, it seems this is changing. In 2005 Portland city government pulled its police force out of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in protest of President Bush's policies. Now its 2010 and post mass-murder attempt, Portland's new mayor Sam Adams is talking of joining the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force. But politics is still a major factor, Adams cites Obama being president as a deciding reason to join. And I thought Portland, OR was on the Willamette Rive and not the DeNile. Oh well its a step forward.


Ed Rasimus said...

A conservative is a liberal who has just been mugged. This was apparently only an attempted mugging, so the Mayor is seeking to have things liberalized and possibly get a little conservative overlap. I think he will fail.

wv: "jackfisc"--what is Obama's financial policy?

Anna said...

Considering how many useful idiots are saying the FBI entrapped the mug, you seem to be right.

Anna said...

And I just got 'jackfisc' It seems that way.