Monday, November 29, 2010

Found 1 Do-17 Slightly Used

August 26th, 1940 saw various aerial duels between the fighters of RAF Fighter Command and the Luftwaffe. Among the enemy aircraft that were listed as destroyed were nine Dornier Do-17 bombers. Now one of those planes has been found buried upside down in a sandbank called Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast. RAF Musuem and Battle of Britain personnel are now enganged in recovering the aircraft, restoring it in the future, and putting it on display.

The aircraft and its history are partially known. The flight was possibly intercepted by Boulton-Paul Defiant escort fighters. The pilot Willi Effmert and one crewmember were able to survive the water crash landing. The other two crewmembers died in the crash. The plane itself maybe Do-17 Z-2 code 5K+AR Werke # 1160? belonging to 7 Staffel of III/KG3.

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