Friday, September 24, 2010

Wicked Attraction - CT

The road to justice for the Petit family has finally reached the courtroom. And the details that have emerged should make one cry and also be enraged. Cry over the brutality of a 17-yr old girl staggering to the top of the stairs before smoke inhalation killed her and the evil that her 11-yr old sister suffered by being raped. Of a mother being strangled, gasoline poured over her body, and set afire.

Enraged by the details emerging about the actions of the two monsters that destroyed the Petit family. Of the ring-leader texting his accomplice he can't wait to practice evil. His accomplice asking him to hold his horses while he puts his 6-yr old daughter to bed. Yes the younger thug put his own daughter to bed and then left to invade a house, take a family hostage, be part of raping a 11-yr old girl, and to murder. And to make things even more sickening, he took pictures on his cell-phone while inside the Petit house.

I have a simple solution as to what to do with these wicked evil men. When the thirty miners are rescued, put these two down that hole. And then close it up and let them die a slow death.

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AndyJ said...

No, Anna, just put them in general population in the prison. Inmates don't take too kindly to child rapists and child killers. Their prison life will not be very long.

Anna said...

I want the Earth to swallow them and make them vanish the sight of men. For they sicken all good people.