Thursday, July 26, 2007

Suffer the Innocents

The Connecticut Board of Pardons and Parole is in furious damage control mode due this heinous crime. Mr. Robert Farr does not understand how this could happen since the suspects did not have violent records before this.

What is 'this?' A woman and her daughter are followed back to their house by two men. Those men proceed to take the woman, her two daughters, and the husband hostage with a 3 a.m. home assault. The assailants later force the woman to go to a bank and withdraw $15,000 from the bank. The bank employees at first balked until the woman told them she and her family were being held hostage. On the way back home things like gasoline were bought.

The woman Jennifer Hawke-Petit was repaid by being raped, beaten with a bat, thrown down the stairs, and tied up before eventually being strangled. The daughters, Hayley[17] and Michaela[11], were also allegedly raped, tied to their beds, and then gasoline fueled fires were set in their bedrooms. The father, Dr. William Petit Jr, somehow managed to escape the house though he now lays in a hospital with head injuries.

The bank employees called the police when they learned what was happening. The two assailants were arrested after they had rammed several police crusiers with the Petit's stolen car. The two men are now facing charges of: assault, sexual assault, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, arson, larceny and risk of injury to children. More charges are pending.

"I know the public consensus is they should be fried tomorrow," Prosecutor Michael Dearington said.

I will go further and suggest those on the parole boards who kept putting these guys out after serving just over half their time for each conviction should be locked up for gross negligence and accessories before the fact for these horrendous murders. The two assailants have made crime a career with each having more than 20 burglaries to their record. The parole boards should have never let these guys out on parole. The excuse of them never being violent does not wash when there is such a string of burglaries, when released these two kept going back to what they knew best - to rob people inside their homes of all their possessions. Under these circumstances the death of an innocent became almost a certainty, just a matter of time and bad luck for the innocent.

Now a father lies in the hospital gravely injured and burdened with the deaths of his wife and two daughters. Remember him and all who knew this family in your prayers.

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Van Helsing said...

Criminals usually have to work their way up to a crime like this. Society has plenty of opportunities to prevent them from getting this far.

Anna said...

I agree, in this case 20 times it seems to put a stop to these monsters life of crime.