Friday, July 27, 2007

That Is Not A Plus-Size Can

Attention everyone who has cans of chili, hash, dog food, and other meat products from Castleberry, you may want to give them a thorogh check.

The full list of recalled products can be found over at the FDA web-site. So please go through your shelves and pantries to make sure none of these items are found. Dispose carefully since it seems some cans are so full of the botulism toxin they are bursting. Castleberry's phone number is 1-888-203-8446 if you want to get a refund.

There are still contaminated cans out there as the CNN article relates, so you might want to avoid these products for the foreseeable future as a matter of safety. Remember if a can is bulging, do not buy and also report it. If you find one in your house, do not eat it and throw it away. I remember my parents advice when I saw a dented can and thought it might be bad, they told me that is okay but you should never buy a bulging can or eat from one. Dang how my parents are so wise.

And if you find a can that has burst in your pantry, get out the gloves and soap&water. Remove the offending can and toss while wearing protective gear. Then scrub where the can leaked. And clean up the cans that might have been touched by whatever leaked out of the burst can.

Oh yeah, this would be a good time to look at your emergency supplies to make sure none have gone past their best by date. Better to find out now than when you need it right?

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