Friday, September 03, 2010

Waikiki Pics

One Kobe beef mushroom and Swiss burger from:

Down on the beach of Waikiki is this palce. Good food. Great location. And amazingly never heard a single Jimmy Buffet song while there. LOL.


Rose said...

Love it!

AndyJ said...

Quite a few people around here quit going to Buffet's place when he started blaming Bush for the BP oil spill.

Anna said...

It was scrumtious that burger. Though at $18 for the Kobe beef burger, fries, and drink it had darn better be. One page of the menu tells how the place was started by two gals from CA with no clues on how to run a business. But succeed they did.

AndyJ, to add insult the benefit concert t-shirt listed all the Gulf states except Mississippi. And included Georgia, a non-Gulf state. That goof did not endear Jimmy to his Mississippi fans.