Monday, September 06, 2010

The Blitz in Colour

Thanks to Powerline for finding this link. Amazing these reels of colour film had been laying in an attic for almost 70 years. This September marks the 70th Anniversary of the climax to the Battle of Britain, where the fate of a free Europe rested in the hands of a few score fighter pilots from all of the Commonwealth, US, and countries that had already fallen under the boot of Nazi tyranny.

Second clip is what an air raid warden should know in case of a gas attack, bomb recognition, fighting fires, and victim rescue.

As the video tells you, the most important thing in all situations is to keep your head and know what to do.

I would post the videos direct, but I seem to be thwarted by how the Daily Telegraph has things set up. So be a good sport and toddle over to them, give them a few clicks.

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