Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The People vs Barrack Obama

Lets talk about Obama and his designated knee-capping don at the DoJ Holder bringing suit against the state of Arizona. One word: Insane.

British forces went to Lexington and Concord to seize the militia arms. The British general's intent was to prevent the colonials from getting into mischief because tensions were very high with a populace chaffing under a Crown governor after George III stripped the colony of its original charter and government. Now tactically for the British it made sense, but to the colonials it was proof the British government, ne George III, cared not for them and would leave these people depending upon British regular forces in Boston to save them from Indian raids.

After all the French and Indian Wars was barely a generation in the past. Naturally the colonials were not going to be left swinging in the wind and thus the American Revolution started.
In the present age we once again have a leader appointing upon himself rights and powers normally vested in the peoples legislature, be it termed Congress or Parliament. He has elected czars who are not accountable to anyone save him. He has bypassed court rulings to push his agenda. He has impeded local and private citizens actions answering to a disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. And now he moves against a state that is trying to protect its citizens after suffering wanton and depraved murder of those citizens, blantant destruction of property, and flagerant flouting of all laws with legal bullying while ignoring such basic concepts as states are soverign entities who have voluntarily entered into a compact to create the Federal government.

So there are very strong indications of this boiling downto a states rights issue, how far will the Federal government stretch its tentacles via the Commerce clause? That is one thing this lawsuit will determine. Assuming the judge does not laugh himself to death reading the lawsuit where it admits the Federal government of Barrack Obama chooses not to enforce legal laws passed by the Congress and vetted by various other courts. This is the kind of government one gets when an amateur is elected to a position far above his head.

I wonder if I have enough popcorn for this schlock theatre?


Rides A Pale Horse said...

One only has to read the Declaration of Independence to see the parallels between this usurper and what our forefathers fought against.

Read through the charges against the king and you will be amazed at how many of them apply to the current "king" of the U.S.

Are there enough of us who have the founding fathers DNA to do whatever it takes to free this country once again?

Shall we again declare our independence in November?

Anna said...

Yes we shall declare our freedom from the likes of Obama starting this November.

I know how closely his usurptions follow history, hence my laying out the charges like I did.

To remove all doubt, guess who is heading the DoJ team suing Arizona? The man who represented Taliban Johhny Walker. This administration is not American in the least, but they think they are better because they are 'above' such small things as love of country.

sofa said...

"This is the kind of government one gets when an amateur is elected to a position far above his head."

This is the kind of government that elects an amateur to a position far above his head. It's a problem with the form of government.

Obama isn't the problem. He is the symptom. A system that elected him and a citizenry that elected him - That's the problem.

The system and 52% of the electorate - Are stupid. Darwin gets the final say.

Anna said...

Sofa, not an amatuer. A narcisist, self-centered person who thinks everyone and everything else is a prop to stroke their ego. Far worse.

Anonymous said...

"This is the kind of government that elects an amateur to a position far above his head."

And don't forget far above his pay grade.

‎"[W]hen all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another." --Thomas Jefferson

Anna said...

Wade, exactly. We become a government that does things to the people instead of for the people.