Friday, July 23, 2010


The South American tin-pot dictator is at it again it seems. As his economy contracts another 3% and his neighbor Colombia's expands by 2.7%, Chavismo would seem to be edging closer and closer to collapse. Further highlighting differences between the two countries, Colombia just had a successful election and transition of power from Uribe to Santos. Only rose-coloured progressives could believe the last election in Venezuela was as free as what Colombia just experienced. And there is still the matter before the Organization of American States where Colombia is accusing Venezuela of harboring the terrorists of FARC. Naturally Chavez is denying this and has broken off diplomatic relations with Colombia over these charges. But we can't forget the raid into Ecuador against the FARC that netted three laptops that Interpol says has untampered evidence of FARC/Venezuelan cooperation, death of a FARC leader, and the removal of Mexican fellow-travellers from the FARC order of battle. Or the death of a Colombian drug lord who seemed to have sanctuary in Venezuela. So there is evidence that Chavez has tampered with the internal affairs of a neighboring country.

Will this lead to war? In the past the answer has been no. Even though Chavez has blustered, called George Bush a devil, and generally frothed at the mouth over alleged Yanqui Imperialism; he has never crossed the line and moved against Colombia. Another thing entering the equation is Colombia's military is more combat experienced, better equipped, and better trained than Chavez's, even though Venezuela has traded billions of dollars in oil to Cuba to get weapons. Hopefully the United States continues to stand firm with its long-standing ally of Colombia against the covetous gaze and lustful longings of Chavez for a Greater Venezuela with him in charge.

Actually to think of Chavez as brave and a bold leader is to laugh. We must remember when Chavez first tried to seize power in Venezuela, the harbinger of Chavismo cowered under a table in the library and wet himself. Too bad the then democratic country of Venezuela and its institutions of justice spared Chavez's life. All he did was plot again and succeed this time, much to the detriment of his own country and everyone around him. Lets hope the intrinsic coward's heart that beats in that large chest of bluster again blinks and the tensions lessen.


pat said...

As to the war issue, Columbia would over run Venezuelan forces within 3 weeks. It would be a route. I doubt any South American nation could take Columbia's military.It would give Cuba a tussel.

Anna said...

I would think Colombia would clean their clock also. I just hope Hugo does not go off his rocker and force Santos to prove it. That its just another desperate attempt by Hugo to distract people from the imploding economy that his newly expanded oil reserves can't stave off.