Friday, July 30, 2010

Assange-ing Blame

Aisha, age 18, had her nose and ears cut off on the orders of a Taliban commander because she fled from abuse.

I want you, dear readers, to think of Aisha as I talk about a preening self-important butterfly of the decadent Western culture. I am talking of someone named Assange and a little known speed-bump on the information super-highway called Wikileaks. I wont link to them and give them traffic.

Now that disturbing details of the damage the 91,000 documents Wikileaks released is coming to light. Namely the identifying of Afghani informants, we are seeing a shift in Assange's self-promoting interviews. Assange now says he offered the Obama administration a chance to vet the documents before he released them. Really? That is like breaking into a nice cottage, hauling off all the Renoirs, and then contacting the real owner asking if they want any of the paintings back before the thief fences the rest.

The blame falls squarely upon the shoulders of a blindly self-righteous enlisted man named Manning that these documents are even in Assange's grimy little paws. Manning is already in Army custody in Kuwait awaiting prosecution and has been since a writer for Wired turned him in for the Collateral Murders video. Manning also told, well boasted, he had given Wikileaks over 200,000 sensitive/classified cables. And now we have Assange releasing 91,000 such documents to the media. Documents that can only come from Manning. Documents that identify informants. A document dump that garnered a fair dollop of media attention for Assange.

So when those informants are kidnapped and murdered, just remember Aisha got off lightly in comparison. Both Aisha and the informants will be victims of evil. Aisha for daring to be her own person. The informants will encounter evil only because one picayune mosquito sucking on the life blood of the West decided to prick it's host and announce it existed. May Karma make Assange a pet project when it comes to a visit by Nemesis unto Assange.

P.S. If you read the link to the Time article, you will learn Aisha is coming to the United States so she can regain her face.

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