Friday, July 30, 2010

The 9/11 Heroes as Tommy

Well Rep. Weiner of NY, a Dimocrat, certainly pulled off a stem winder down in the well of the House. Why you would think all those Republicans were busy pulling legs off grasshoppers as granny got coated in BP oil before igniting the way he was acting.

What had Weiner in a lather? -pauses and scrubs brain- Why the sheer meanness of Republicans who failed to support a bill on assisting the heroes of 9/11 who are suffering from various health issues. The Republicans and some Democrats sensed something wrong with the bill and voted against it. So the bill died.

Methinks Rep. Weiner protest too much over this vote. Similar measures have been brought before the House and went nowhere. The Democrats have been in power since 2006 and nothing has been done. Even when they had President Bush and his compassionate conservatism to work with. And since 2008, they have had a Democratic President and still nothing. So with this track record of failure, one has to conclude the first responders of 9/11 are mere props for the Democrats.

Faced with the potential drubbing in the offering this November, again the Democrats are using any emotional cause to distract people from their own rampant malfeasance. Like Rangel and his tax problems. Or the Democrats 'deeming' to pass a budget so they can dodge any responsibility for the over-spending. Or the new financial regulation law of over 2,000 pages that was created by Chris 'Friend of Countrywide' Dodd and Barney 'Fannie and Freddie are Fine!' Franks. Or the true elephant in the room, the health care reform that will fine companies for keeping health plans their employees are happy with.

So for the likes of Weiner to start screaming and pounding the desk in the House over a bill to help the first responders does not sway me. With the $800billion in stimulus money that was hastily passed and hardly spent, one would think some money could be found for these heroes without trying to spend more money that the Treasury does not have. But that is all Democrats know how to do, spend and spend and spend some more. Time to kick these bums to the curb.


AndyJ said...

Someone on the net recommended turning off the sound and just watching the video. THey said that Weiner's opponent should play the video sans audio every commercial break during election time. It really is funnier without sound.

Anna said...

LOL! Or how about split screen with Weiner pounding fist and Khruschev pounding shoe?