Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Trapped in a Box

That is all I can say of the author of this little piece on Bigelow's Oscar win as Best Director. The writer is trapped in a neat ideological box that frames Monika's whole view of the world. Her agenda must be recognized and embraced by others for her to be happy. It seems she can not be happy when others do not march to the tin drum she hears.

As Alec Baldwin quipped she had sent ex-husband James Cameron a gift that was ticking when she was nominated to Barbra Streisand exclaiming the time has come, no one really expected her to win when her little film The Hurt Locker was going against James 'What's a budget' Cameron's SFX-opus Avatar. But Bigelow did and became the first woman to win that coveted award. Bigelow's reaction was perfect, she just wants to be recognized as a good director and not as a female director. All I can say to Kathryn Bigelow is bravo for you. You have come along way baby.

As a final thought, I have to wonder if Monika would have espoused the same identity politics when Alien came out. When Sigourney Weaver took a character in the script that was meant for a man and made Ripley into a pretty awesome character who happened to be female. Ripley would have kicked such a butterfly off Nostromo in a heart beat I think.


The Six said...

I didn't see the Oscars Anna but I heard she thanked the troops.
At a celebrity driven event.
In Hollywood.
If true, I'm adding her to my favorite persons list.

Anna said...

As I recall, she did give a shout-out to the troops.