Friday, March 05, 2010

The KSM Road Show

Well this is interesting. The Khalid Sheik Mohammad trial keeps rolling along. First it was a military tribunal after much wrangling between President Bush, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Then President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder decided this guy needed a trial in an American courtroom to show the strength of the whole American system.

So the trial was set to occur in New York City, mere yards from the crime scene of KSM's alleged evilness. And when the people of the Big Apple screamed, their Mayor finally woke up and said no to the trial. So the Obama administration recalibrated and proposed to have the trial somewhere else, at the tune of $200 million in security costs. To further add to the farce this was becoming, White House press secretary Gibbs told reporters that KSM would not go free even if the jury found him innocent. Naturally none of these shenanigans have added luster to either Obama or Holder.

Now it seems reality has dawned on the Obama administration and they need to cut losses when it comes to KSM. Rumors are emerging that there is an Obama plan to move KSM's trial back to being a military tribunal. Full circle anyone? Yes it is. Rumors are also floating that Obama is seeking political cover for this sudden about face since to publicly admit Obama and Holder screwed up in this affair would damage Obama's reputation as a miracle worker.

A word of advice to any Republican thinking of cutting a deal with Obama on this, don't. It was his vision to put KSM on trial in a civilian court, let him take the fall. Perhaps getting served a turkey buzzard sandwich publicly might cause Obama to rethink many things he has visions of besides this trial. And in the long run perhaps save this Republic from greater disasters if he is trul.y reflective and learns lessons from this.


AndyJ said...

Our glorious leader has another royal screw up to contend with (along with the untold others). I just read that GM (Government Motors) wants the dealers that they told to take a hike to come back into the fold. Seems like you can't sell many cars when you don't have the dealers. (I hope that they all tell GM to go to Hell). If this whole administration weren't screwing up this country so badly, it would almost be funny.

Anna said...

AndyJ I heard about that, almost 800 dealerships involved. Will Government Motors crawl through ground glass and plead with these entreprenures whom they screwed? I doubt and I bet a majority of these people will laugh in GM's face.

What is that adage about 'Fool me once...'?

'it would almost be funny' I think Charlie Chaplin produced a film about the Obama administration. Or was that the Three Stooges?

AndyJ said...

I think that you are right...The three stooges...Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. But you also have to include the czars and all of his appointments. I wonder what a movie would be like with the 1000 stooges. I hope that all of the GM dealerships that were dumped change over and become Ford dealerships

Anna said...

Or the Marx Brothers. Michelle is Harpo and Joe Biden is Zeppo.

On a serious note, I wonder how many of the dealerships are still registered businesses and not just empty buildings with vast desolate parking lots.

pat said...

I see now Obama is hiding his Lawyer data in Illinois. A crime for anyone else. I wonder why? The most logical inference is a complaint about ethics.

Anna said...

A complaint about a lack of ethics perhaps? Interesting.