Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Open Flood Gates Sayeth the DoD

This is all so cheery, the US Department of Defense has decided such sites as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are vital to the functioning of their military networks. They still say gambling and porn sites will still be blocked while admonishing people to be responsible. This new comprehensive policy flies in the face of other DoD initiatives of the past few years to harden their network and to treat it like a weapon system. And the recent cyber attacks against Google and others.

All I have to say to the DoD network, it was nice knowing you. All your network are belong to us. Should have zigged. Someone set us up the bomb.

US DoD Lifts Network Ban.


Legion said...

Dumb- they WANT to destroy our country. Well per Glenn Beck, we are on the way to financial collapse from the Progressives anyway.

Anna said...

Progressives, hey since spending way too much got us into this mess, lets spend more. Now that my friends is a definition of a maroon.

What is the point anyway? With all the netbooks, iPhones, Blackberry, and Android phones out there that can surf.