Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pic from the snow front

A light dusting of wet snow is starting to blanket where I live. So far no blizzards. Here is a pic I just snapped outside. I apologise if its a little blurry, but it was cold and dark.


AndyJ said...

There was snow in that picture??? Sure could have fooled me. Up here, we call that "snow" a light frost....very light

Mike's America said...

We got a nice covering of white last week. Enough to coat the lawns and roof tops overnight then gone.

It's the first snow I have seen here in 14 years.

Legion said...

Global warming---

pat said...

Which is why Anna took off for California, or so i was informed.


Excellent your blog, congratulations!

Thank you for being together. You are worth gold, and this special moment, has a gift for you on our blog. I hope you enjoy.




Brigid said...

Beautiful photo. I'm always amazed when I see the color of a flower from beneath the snow.

Anna said...

Had more snow later, all of four inches AndyJ. Plus totally screwed up flight schedules.

Mike, the snow lasted for a day. So far that is the thrid time this winter I have seen snow. Usually only once a year.

Legios, heh!

Yes Pat, I took off for to California to be with friends. I miss them terribly so!

Brigid, thank you for those kind words. I am in awe of your writing skills and photos.