Sunday, March 28, 2010

Newtonian Politics

This should come as no surprise after President Obama being such a rude prat to visiting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Arab states meeting in Libya have called off any talks with Israel and praised Obama's strong opposition to new Israeli settlements. The Arabs think they have the stronger hand and can browbeat Israel into sacrificing more of its security because the president of the world's last remaining, but decaying, superpower is on their side.

Yes you can have screaming hissy fits over the phone with a foreign leader like Clinton apparently did with Netanyahu. Its another thing to invite such a leader to your official residence for needed talks and when you disagree with their explanation and viewpoint, to storm out in a huff while screeching at the man he better see the errors of his ways. That is not negotiating, it is issuing a Diktat. It is something I would expect of a Bismark when dealing with France, not when one is talking with an ally about something of mutual interest.

And now I hear President Obama has gone jetting off to Kabul to meet with President Karzai. I guess he needs to mend fences with the leader of Afghanistan after his administration did everything in its power to stage a coup against Karzai in the last elections. I wonder if Karzai left Obama cooling his heels, knowing in a year Obama will start to pull American forces out of the country.

Frankly, when it comes to foreign policy and negotiations one thing is obvious. Obama and his administration have a very static view of world politics. They are not seeing how things interact it seems. Like domestic politics they are just interested in winning at all costs. At this rate, Obama is surging ahead of Carter as the president who has done the most damage to American overseas. And lets not forget Iran is holding three American civilians hostage and so far the Obama administration has done nothing for these lost hikers.

The world is getting more dangerous under Obama than more safe. And I fear Israel will do what the rest of the world has failed to do for the past decade. Destroy or at least blunt Iran's mad dash to being a nuclear power. Dictators like being a nuclear power because it shields them from being attacked in these kinder-gentler emasculated times. Now if we had a decent missile defense system in operation to protect us and our allies, then tin-pot dictators with nukes would not be such a grave menace and having a nuclear blackmail option would not be so attractive.

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