Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News from Great Mitten

Just to be a change of pace, lets gaze across the Atlantic Ocean to find out what is happening in that other country that speaks English: the island nation of Great Mitten. Surely the country that has given the world the great jug-eared prince has something going on.

Once again they lead the Colonies in their tender care for the elderly. Under a new plan proposed by their Health Secretary, all the special needs of elderly patients living in assisted living homes would be covered. Except for the needs of a physical abode, electricity, and food; the patient has to provide those. Devil is in the details eh wot? Then there is the sticky mess called a death tax, just when you are quietly burying Uncle Robert here comes Revenue to cart off 10% of his estate. Very awkward that.

The Home Office has become a shining example of how to humanely treat immigrant criminals. Yes they understand it was terribly wrong to rape and dump a woman on the rubbish pile. But every person deserves a chance at happiness, so the Home Office offered to let this chap from the Congo stay in the Great Mitten to get married to a naturalized German. But then they decided to rescind the deal, well the hard hearted section of the Home Office which frowns terribly on such things as rape and immigrants tried. But luckily a judge has stepped in and said the original Home Office offer has to stand. How terribly compassionate the Mittenish legal system is towards the poor criminals, bravo.

Meanwhile other immigrants have ingeniously solved the tight housing market in Great Mitten. Though I would advise you to call home before you return unexpectedly or you might find some wandering immigrants living in your house. Or better yet, they leave the house to you and move into your nicely built shed. The nice ones will even put their refuse in the proper recycle bins and when you do find him in the tool shed, he will give you two thumbs up. Though once you do discover them, you will not sleep well in your house again.

And now for something completely different - Monty Python and the Hungarian phrase book.


Anonymous said...

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Rides A Pale Horse said...

So......do we read that from left to right, right to left, top to bottom or bottom to top?


Rides A Pale Horse said...

Ok......not sure but I don't think this is out of the "Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook" (post from
姿英姿英) "Form gallant figure England"


Asian and apparently nasty.........

Oh....and regarding the "jug eared prince", we have our own now and 53% of the people could be called "Great Smitten" but hey.....our "healthcare" is approaching that of a turd world country.

".....elderly patients living in assisted living homes would be covered" (up)

Anna said...

RAPH, I was not going to tackle what got posted. Now glad did not. Wow.

And if we arelike NHS in the UK, there will be much covered up.