Friday, January 29, 2010

The Thrill Is Gone

I find it amusing that I accidentally find from Yahoo! ten signs a guy is not right for you. Reading them I see they can be expanded to apply on a political front. Like President Obama.

1. You have a list of things he needs to stop doing/saying/wearing if he wants your relationship to work. Lets see - "Let me be clear." "I inherited this mess." "Bipartisanship." Teleprompter where ever he goes. Will he ever make up his mind about the tie?

2. You don't trust him. KSM trial. Gitmo. Honduras. Israel. Poland. Czech Republic. Missile defense.

3. You avoid conflict at any cost. Well we are still confrontational with him, so I guess that is a good sign proving how broke things are.

4. When you're sad, you don't turn to him for comfort. Not after his shout-out to his buddies before talking of Major Hassan murdering 13 soldiers. No way.

5. One of you is struggling with an addiction. His addiction is to power and how wonderful he is. Very selfish.

6. You can't really imagine him as the father of your children. Look at reasons behind #5. Too involved with himself to be there. Can't he eat his waffles in peace?

7. Your long-term, non-negotiable goals in life are incompatible. All he wants to do it seems is max out our joint account credit cards to buy beer and pizza for his friends while we shop at Salvation Army.

8. You don't respect each other. After surrounding himself with such suspect people as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn plus Jeremiah Wright. Of course not.

9. You're not attracted to him. After all of his talking about himself and how he plans to make things better by spending our money, he makes us ill instead.

10. On paper he seems great, but you have this strange feeling... Actually we got a strange feeling in the gut because we could not get any of his paperwork from college or his medical records. Those Grecian columns and faux Presidential seal really set off alarms.

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