Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And We Used To Control The Lightning!

In twenty years or less the words Rick Delanty screamed to the people huddling in the valley in Lucifer's Hammer will be true in the real world.

How can I say this? Because President Obama, in his faux populism mode, is going to eviscerate any chance of NASA returning to the Moon in his upcoming budget. He is trying to prove he is a fiscal conservative by slicing less than 3% from the current bloated budget. There will be no Ares rockets or Constellation program. Instead NASA will focus on monitoring climate change while pushing off to the future a new heavy-lift rocket and outsourcing to the private sector creating a space taxi to the International Space Station.

Meanwhile the Peoples Republic of China is still pushing forward with their space program. If President Obama's budget cuts stand, then we will see a red flag fly over the Moon. It will be China which will harvest the Helium-3 to create feasible fusion power. Along with materials to make orbital solar power satellites to beam energy down to China. Which will make China the OPEC of the future as they sell clean power to the rest of the world. Meanwhile the US piddles with wind power or the US will buy power from China in the future.

President Obama is going to sell our secure energy future for the the slim chance of improving his current popularity ratings. If this happens, then as Rick Delanty says, we will be peasants cowering at the sound of thunder because we have given away our future. Lets stop this right now. Burn up the Internet and phone lines to Congress. Tell them if they buy off on this, then they are politically dead. Think of your children and grandchildren. Or get used to them living a life not as rich or full as yours.


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