Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Vote Rio 2016

Dear IOC,

I support the selection of Rio de Janiero for the Olympics in 2016.

Fan version of Duran Duran's classic hit Rio.


pat said...

Of course. Can one imagine the crime from the Chicago punks? America will be the embarrassment of the world. South America has never hosted the Olympics, albeit it has great culture. Chicago has no culture and ......well. There really is not much to say about this pigsty.

commoncents said...

I agree with your vote!!

ps. Link Exchange??

Legion said...

Ehhhh, South America is rife with dictatorships, crime & poverty. Could some of the reasons its never been there. It should not go to Chicago though. Many Chicago residents do not want it per polls. Per a Hannity show yesterday Michelle Malkin detailed the corrupt payback the obama/daly machine is exacting for this. Hardly any profit or jobs would come because of it- its a major pain.

Anna said...

Well its no Chicago so the I guess the last minute charm offensive failed.

Legios, they both might be a bit corrupt but at least the Rio scenery is much better. Okay, who I am kidding Chicago is way corrupt.