Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TD Two

Well we might see a tropical storm this hurricane season if tropical depression two survives the strong upper winds that have been shearing possible storms. The depression is still far out in the Atlantic and chances of US landfall are very slim.

If this depression strengthens into a tropical storm it will be named Anna. I am not honoured, really not.


RAPH said...

And the MSM is salivating at the idea of one of these TDs becoming a full fledged hurricane and SOON so as to be yet another distraction from the "healthcare" and other issues that we the people are finally waking up to.

"Look.......a squirrel......"

Anna said...

Which proves how worthless the MSM is when it comes to actual reporting.

To wish a major hurricane means the ones who lambasted President Bush over Katrina that killed so many citizens now want a storm to strike the US to distract from the health care debacle. How contemptible.