Monday, August 10, 2009

Sotomayor's First SCOTUS case

The following case Citizens United vs the FEC will be the first case as a Supreme Court Justice she will sit on. Arguments have already been heard, but new arguments are scheduled for September which means Sotomayor will be part of the process.

The likes of Alito and Roberts are already negatively disposed it seems after the government lawyer argued before the court that under Section 203 the FEC could require Section 203 compliance for such things as books. You heard me right, books on politics or politicians could fall under FEC review. Wonder if books like Dreams of My Father, American Evita, Year of the Rat, or Unfit for Command would get printed in the future if this interpretation is upheld. Talk about controlling free speech.

And how Sotomayor rules on this case will be the first indicator of how liberal she is. Or if she is a moderate as she told the Senators. I think we will see her true colors here. Heaven help us if she goes far left and supports the government's argument.


RAPH said...

She will. And.....


Anna said...

Probably another historic ill-thought opinion like Ricci. Oh wait she neverissued an opion before she rubber-stamped New Haven. Going to be interesting.