Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day of Days

A woman protests against the election results outside the Iranian embassy in Kuwait City. Photograph: Yasser al-Zayyat/AFP/Getty Images

Today could see the Islamic Republic of Iran take the step that will topple the religious theocracy of Iran and push this tyranny into the ash-heap of history.

For a solid week, Iran has been wracked with protests, injuries, blood, and state sanctioned murder. As forces for a more moderate state do pitched battle with government forces, the rest of the world has been more than a spectator as countries like Britain and the US Congress have condemned the brutality that has leaked out of Iran. Despite a tyrannical strangling of any form of outside contact, via Twitter and the Internet stories and images of the government's brutality has emerged. Far more brutal than Kent State; police and militia have beaten, kicked, and even shot unarmed protesters.

Today the protesters may gather in Tehran in defiance of their unelected religious thug in chief to once again to demand to have their votes honestly counted. Lets pray that no more bloodshed occurs, but tyrants in love with power never willingly surrender the levers of power. There will be more blood I fear.

May today the President awaken and find the spine that he has been missing this whole week. His first weak words on the situation have been read in Tehran as a green light to suppress the voice of the people. He still has time to make amends for this oversight and side with freedom. It seems his second statement is a move in that direction. What has changed to make the President to strengthen his words? Not spine per se, but an almost unanimous Congress speaking out against the brutality has caused the political calculator we have as President to change his rhetoric. Will he get ahead of Congress for once and make an even stronger statement for freedom that is believable? And will the mullahs of Iran believe those words?

Stay tuned as the day many of us have blogged about and hoped for just might happen, in the blink of an eye Iran may change today. May it change into being a good neighbor.

I cannot tell you how important it was to the peace of the world that the President of the United States, ... , be believed when they say to the other side: "Gentleman, this you must not do." Because, if we ever get to a point where that simple statement is not believed, then I don't know where the future and the safety of this country is, or that the possibilities of general peace would exist. - Sec. of State Dean Rusk in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, February 18, 1966


Rides A Pale Horse said...

I think I hear a bus coming........

Anna said...

and its going to run over alot more average people before it finally gets to the thugs. Sad to say.