Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Arlen Ecplised

High Senator Arlen pensively walked the confines of his office, wrestling with his inner demons. He ran fingers through his thinning gray hair as the polling data showed his secure throne slipping away to an upstart named Toomey.

Shadows leaned over Arlen within his own demesnes and when they pulled back, there stood Arch-Senator Harry Reid with a cool smile upon his cadaverous face. As the door to the office stayed firmly closed, no one immediately learned what sweet whispers were exchanged between the two nor the fell promises. Save Arlen now took one of his pens off the desk and eagerly signed his name to a piece of parchment proffered by Reid.

Once again the shadows closed over Arlen in his office to enwrap him and Reid in a cloak that once it vanished, so did the apparition of Reid who still had a gloating smile upon his face. He pauses in front of a mirror to brush his hair and straighten his suit, failing to notice how transparent his image has become. Then High Senator Arlen soon rushed out of his office to hold a press conference. He has had a revelation.

As the media crows circled around a person whom they considered road-kill just the night before, they all sensed a change. High Senator Arlen merely smiles to all the cameras, waiting for them to finish setting up. No one notices how the pallor of Arlen’s skin has started to blend in with the stone steps behind him.

With a thrust of multiple microphones, Arlen now knows it is time to make his announcement. Smiling most fetchingly, he proudly announces his alignment with those of Arch Senator Reid’s party whilst castigating his now betrayed allies for driving him away with such antiquated notions as small government and less taxes. All the while Arch Senator Reid sits in his chair ensconced within the confines of his office watching the televisions; the smile now on his face is not a kind one like grandfathers use to dote on grandchildren, instead it seems to be the smile a shark who has scented fresh blood would show. For now Reid had his useful idiot who had granted him the 60 vote boon. Then the smile turned downright nasty as he contemplates the fine print of that contract, soon dear Arlen would rue this turnabout.

For the next three days all was wonderful for High Senator Arlen as his new allies slapped him on the back in shows of camaraderie when the cameras were seen. While his former allies were left speechless even as their leadership told Arlen good riddance. But on the third day, the other shoe dropped upon Arlen with the weight of a sandbag.

Oh how Arlen railed when he learned what the fine print meant to his dreams of keeping his power were now checked and possibly dashed. But with his bridges burned behind with his betrayal what could he do. Reid’s smile was mock solicitous as he apologized to a shocked Arlen. But how could he discomfit the other senators of his team right at this delicate moment Reid innocently asked? But he assured Arlen that after the next election Arlen’s seniority requirements would be adequately met. Arlen could trust him to keep his word.

Thus Arlen Faust retired to his now much diminished demesnes to ponder his cruel fate. For as he betrayed people who stood by him, he now stands betrayed by those whom he believed would help him. He buried his face in his hands and the tattered remnants of his soul cried out in anguish.


Rose said...

Beautiful! Felt like I was there watching it transpire!

AndyJ said...

Now the only thing that would make this a perfect scene would be Arlen being whipped in the democratic primary.

Tom said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...

Anna said...

LOLOL Poor poor Arlen, his hubris has caused him to burn his bridges across the Rubicon. Where he thought would be a welcoming band lead by Brutus, instead he finds Hannibal grinning at him.

He now has no true allies in the Senate. Reid and the democrats are only fair weather allies, when it suits them to be chummy. Not when it suits Arlen.


Rose said...

And to think all he needed to do was the right thing, the responsible, sensible, statesmanlike thing - and take a principled stand when voting on the horrific generational theft act.

All he had to do was say, "NO!" - say no, he wasn't going to vote for something he had not read and carefully evaluated.

Anna said...

Doing the right thing concept and Arlen Specter parted ways long ago I think. Arlen was a defense lawyer after all.

The Six said...

Heh, heh. Good one Anna.