Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama's Desire to Screw the Veterans

Back in 1995, a guy named George 'Bud' Day got mighty steamed and decided to take on Goliath, aka Fedzilla. Day was a veteran of WWII, Korea, and VietNam. As is his usual he went to Eglin AFB to get his medicines refilled and he was turned down. He was turned down since the medicine he needed was now restricted to the active duty force. He finally got an answer to his major gripe from the flight surgeon who would take his case. It seems the White House, aka President Bill Clinton, had really cut off any military retiree from accessing the military hospitals for free care or medicine if they were over the age of sixty-five. What would take the place of this suddenly off-limits care? The retirees, being people who had done twenty plus years serving their country, would have to go through Medicare and hence have to pay for part of their care under this plan.

Being an obstreperous person who could give stubborn lessons to mules while having a very black&white view of the world, Day was not going to take this laying down. A wrong was most definitely committed. What entailed was years of legal battles as Day fought the government he swore to defend over what the Marine recruiters in WWII promised him of free medical care and then the Air Force promised him the same thing if he stayed in over twenty years. None of the various veteran organizations, when Day approached them, wanted to touch his case saying it could not be won; one of these organizations being the American Legion. But things like a sadistic guard named Bug and over fives years in hell called the Hanoi Hilton did not deter Bud Day, all this doom saying was not going to either. Alas, even with documents from the government like the Forrestal Memo showing it had made such promises, Day and the rest of the retirees were found by the court system to be not entitled to such promised free medical care. Thus a solemn promise was broken.

Now we find ourselves with another Democrat President who never served a day in the military and is further breaking this promise to the military. While Bill Clinton only went after the aged survivors of such as the Bataan Death March or the Battle of the Bulge, what Obama is intending goes even further than what Clinton did. Obama wants to make veterans, not necessarily military retirees, have their private insurance companies pay the Veterans Administration for their service related injuries.

You heard me right. If a sailor or soldier or marine or airman gets injured in the line of duty and later has to go to a VA hospital for treatment, President Obama wants private insurance to pay for the treatment at a government funded hospital. This person could be 18 or 65, it will not matter as Obama tells that service member they have to pay for being injured serving their country. Why anyone in their right mind would join the military if this came to pass I do not know.

The American Legion and other veteran organizations have voiced their vehement disagreement with this idea but the bi-partisan President Obama so far is not listening to them. Looking back at Bud Day's almost solo crusade against Bill Clinton's policy change, I have to think the American Legion and other veteran groups missed their best chance at stopping this foolishness of Obama's by failing to stop Bill Clinton's plan.

Enough is enough, this has to be stopped before the world's best military is reduced to a shell by destructive policies. Sound the charge, do not take this laying down. Run up the 'Don't Tread on Me' flag and get yourself heard. We, the People, must be heard or what other sacred oaths will President Obama trample in the name of his vision?


Rose said...

It looks like he is proposing to 'save' $540 Million (with an M) - while at the same time spending TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS (with a T), giving BILLIONS (with a B) isn't it? to ACORN and Hamas.

We all wondered how he was going to pay for all that Pork. Now you know. He's going to take from those he doesn't like and doesn't value and give it those he does like and does value, ie: ACORN and campaign supporters.

He'll reverse himself on this, mostly because the law will force it, along with public opinion, but TAKE NOTE. It tells you quite clearly what his mindset is, what kind of an anima; he is, and it also shows you just how much you can trust his proposed Government Health Care Plan. When it becomes inconvenient or 'too costly' he will save money by betraying your trust.

People have to pay attention, they have to hear about this, and they most likely will not be hearing about it from Katie Couric. IF YOU READ THIS BLOG, or read Drudge, pass this information and the link on to others.

If you are a member of the Tea Party, share this with as many people as you can and encourage others to do the same. We can't trust the media to do it.

sofa said...

Obama hates america and the americans in it.

Anna said...

Getting harder and harder to think of this Administration as being for America.