Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obama Has A List

It seems President Obama is joining a very select list of past presidents. In fact its a list that has one on it. President George Bush never got on it. Not even Ronald Reagan when dealing with Sam Donaldson. But Richard Nixon, oh yes. In fact Nixon created this trend.

It seems Obama is building up a list of what he calls enemies. from Rush Limbaugh who wants Obama's policies to fail so the country will live to a guy named Cramer who thinks the President is destroying the country with his actions. The list gets longer.

An enemy list is something that should be anathema to a representative republic or a democracy. But dictators and would-be tyrants love to have enemy lists. Even cult leaders have them. Such a list galvanises their supporters into being fearful and short-circuits critical thinking along with serving notice if they veer from their leader's orthodoxy they may get labeled an enemy also.

Where could Obama get such ideas? Could it be Stalin? Saul Alinsky or Bill Ayers? Or maybe his own cousin in Kenya. Whatever the source, such a list represents a hazard to this country and how Obama will handle a crisis. Will he think, as he is besieged, of such as the Bard's lament by a certain king, "will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?" There lays much danger.


Legion said...

He is evil and must be stopped. The press has to grow a pair and the folks need to remove the blinders and see the destruction he is sowing. Until then, keep sounding the alarm.

Anna said...

Legios, he is really getting there.