Monday, February 09, 2009

We Knew It Was a Bad Law

Well it should be known far and wide by now that the Senate has passed out their version of the Democrat crafted spending splurge. Three Republicans voted with the devil for this massive feeding of Fedzilla. Now this goes to a conference committee to be thrashed out with the House version. It will be interesting to see how much of the $100billion in pork trimmed off the Senate version gets added back or even worse even more spending tacked on when it emerges from this committee for another vote. I hope these idiots get so carried away with tacking on of ornaments, it leads to a massive revolt of moderate Democrats and it dies. Or failing that, shocks the voters out of their rose-colored unicorn themed glasses.

I shall not flay this pork bill any more than needed. In one month, the used car salesmen of Congress voted to spend more money than has been spent on both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It dwarfs the 2009 Department of Defense budget of $515 billion by almost a 2 to 1 margin. While the previously enacted SCHIP legislation depends upon people smoking to pay for its growth, this package allocates tens of millions of dollars to help people quit smoking. Or allocating $600 million to help people buy digital converter boxes for their TVs while ignoring something obvious, why allocate the money and just leave the money in the various families pockets by not raising taxes. This is not a sharply focused stimulus package, its more like a Cthulu with tentacles reaching deep into many nooks and crannies of American life to such an extent it may take more than a few shotgun blasts from the voters to dislodge the beast.

G_d save the United States by granting its representatives and citizens the courage and wisdom to undo this travesty that is bad for the people, bad for the country, and bad for the world economy.


bebe's boobs destroy said...

amen sister. save us from the marxists the gimmes elected to stick it to us "rich" people.

Rose said...


Obama still has the chance to play knight in shining armor. He could say, "STOP!" Let's go back to the drawing board, take all these ideas that we now have, and see which ones might actually work. Aim for June.

He won't. Every day he spends trying to WIN this campaign rather than governing drives him deeper into the mess, unable to withdraw.

I don't know if we will survive.

Anna said...

Bebes, stick it to the 95% who are rich, remember how SCHIP jacked smoking taxes.

Rose, Obama can't because he lost capital trying to prop Daschle up. Also lost momentum there. So he is doubling-down on this 2,000lb Pelosi shopping spree that is trying to hide behind the smallest of thong bikinis called 'stimulus.' So this will trundle through committee where many things never imagined will be added like moss.

But the longer it takes, the more people realize that is no shining knight out to rescue their homes and jobs, but a jumped up highway robber attired in filched finery. If we keep yelling loud enough and keep making pointed reminders in 2010 many seats will switch parties if this goes through, then just maybe it will be stopped.

Well I hope and pray so. In this case lets become the squeaky wheel that needs lubrication. A constituency that stays polite but always there menancing their political futures. And also support those who are standing against this tidal wave.