Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vetting? What Vetting

If this Washington Post article is right, there may well be a new member of President Obama's Team of Tax Cheats. And this one is right in the heart of his administration, his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Doesn't living for five years rent free in the heart of the pricey power elites of the Washington DC Democrats strike you as somehow unsavory? That is apparently what Emanuel did when he found digs in the pad of Rosa DeLauro(D-Conn) and her husband, both reported to have Clinton connections. The excuse of hospitality rings hollow when both Rahm and Rosa were members of the House at the same time but only one paid all the bills. Makes Emanuel sound like a free-loader doesn't it? Or was DeLauro giving Emanuel a free ride in anticipation of future rewards?

Whatever the case, this adds yet another noxious layer of corruption atop the already tarnished Obama administration. And raises yet more doubts upon the Obama Team's vetting process. I get the feeling there were really only two questions that needed to be answered.
  • What is your name? ____________________
  • How much money will you give? __________________
Or even worse Obama and his people only think rules are to be followed by the little people. Either way, this seems to be another indication of how inexperienced and out of touch Obama is.

Ooppppss, that is the Washington Times reporting this. The Post? What was I thinking? And before anyone sheds a tear in sympathy for Rahm, his salary on Jan 1, 2008 as a member of the House of Representatives was $169,300 plus perks and franking privledges. I think he could have afforded a room at the Watergate at least.


Anonymous said...

O M G and of course the CT or any other "newspaper" doesn't have this in their papers, never mind the front page. Danbury News Times (news Slimes) you SUCK. Connecticut Post is Piss, Hartfort Courant is Crap!

Legion RULES!

Anna said...

Pretty soon the 'cover' of the Marxist Supporting Media will be pretty thread-bare if all of this keeps happening.

Rose said...

I think the purpose of Obama's application forms was to weed out any honest people. You get extra points for cheating on your taxes, bribery, etc.

Funny that Biden thoght Obama was "clean" - turns out he is NOT.

Anna said...

Roses, how many points is mopery and dopery worth on the hiring scale??

Neither clean nor articulate it seems. uumm'kay.