Friday, February 06, 2009

Tipping Points

In the kaiju flick Gojira tai Destroyah of 1995, we see our favorite radioactive lizard glowing a dull menacing red. It seems he is about to reach critical mass and once that happens, ka-blooey Tokyo and the world are radioactive rubble. The tipping point for this devastation is 1,200 degrees Celsius and G-Force has a plan to save everyone with special missiles. In the end, Destroyah, Godzilla, and Tokyo were destroyed; but the tipping point to destroy the world never happens.

Former Vice President and award winner Al Gore tries to raise worldwide awareness of Global Warming/Climate change with 'Earth in the Balance' which was later transformed into a movie called an Inconvenient Truth. It seems Man and all his pollution are pushing the Earth to a tipping point where all life is imperilled and faces extinction. So thumping his book like a fire&brimstone preacher, Al Gore rails against human industry from his globe-trotting private jet as the source of all the malaise. But will we reach this much talked about tipping point? If we look at the geological evidence, this planet has survived temperatures far in excess of what is predicted and temperatures far colder than the Little Ice Age.

While the above two are manufactured tipping points. One to sell tickets to a movie and enrich the coffers of a company and the other, via carbon-offsets, enriches Al Gore's personal wealth. While these distract in various ways, lets look for another tipping point.

There is a true tipping point looming for this country and perhaps the global economy. If the current 'stimulus' bill leaves the Senate and is signed by President Obama, then we will have set the stage for a financial tipping point. This bill will jack up Fedzilla's, I just love that term of Ted Nugent's, appetite for dollars. Not the common dollar in your pocket, but magical dollars that only unicorns will spend since these greenbacks do not exist. This is more commonly called deficit spending. The more money that flows into the ravenous maw of Fedzilla results in less money for the average citizen or private business to spend on such things as a house or expansion. Naturally people and businesses will start to sit on their precious dollars for fear Fedzilla will scarf them up if spent, after all Fedzilla is fed via taxes. Pretty soon there will be no money for Fedzilla and then all the other people that Fedzilla depended upon to cover his profligate feeding frenzy via borrowing will instead want their money now and not on Tuesday. And Fedzilla will collapse and as it implodes so will the value of dollars, dragging everyone who holds dollars with it. To avoid this tipping point, the appetite of Fedzilla must be curbed by rejecting this $1 trillion spending spree and instead put on Weight Watchers.


Tom said...

Not likely - Fedzilla has an insatiable appetite for future taxpayer dollars. We need our own version of G-Force to take Fedzilla down (which is the vote), but we also need leaders that will stand up to the hype that is Global Warming (or now it's called Change).

Anna said...

Well if we can ever beleive polls, it seems a grassroot G-Force is forming. Whether its enough, won't know till we all try to slay OPR's Fedzilla.

So lets give it a go.